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These are the bird species we currently sex. If you can’t find yours, please call or email us at

collection of samples

DNA Bird Gender Determination (Sexing) can be performed with

  • Blood samples
  • Feather samples
  • Eggshell samples

Follow the steps to collect the samples

DNA gender determination

Avian DNA Testing is the best choice for avian breeders and avian veterinarians. Molecular Biology has become the safest method for determining the sex of avian monomorphic species and diseases diagnostics.

  • DNA bird gender testing
  • Psittacosis test
  • PBFD test
  • Polyomavirus test
  • Avian prevention pack
  • Ultimate prevention pack

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Our Laboratory

Specialized in Molecular Biology and Veterinary Analysis, our laboratory offers the best service in Avian DNA Gender Testing.

Located in Florida, we receive samples from all over the USA.

With our ONLINE ORDER & REGISTRATION SERVICE, our customers can order, pay, and check their results directly from home. All the results and certificates will be sent automatically to the customer’s account.

If you are a breeder or a professional, do not hesitate to contact our team of Experts.

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