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  1. Go to www.iqbirdtesting.com/order-bird-dna-test

  2. Select the DNA test you need to perform on your birds

  3. Select how many tests you need and click “ADD TO CART”

  4. Verify your order on the “CART”  and “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”

  5. Fill out your information and the birds in formation. Make sure you write all the correct species.

  6. Select Payment Method: PayPal, Money Order, or check.

  7.  Place the order and wait for the following web page.

  8. After placing the order you will have a downloadable sample form with all the bird(s) information.

    • Please PRINT out to collect the samples.

  9. Collect feather or blood samples as indicated in the Sample Form. The sample form can be also found at:


  10. Send your samples to:

     iQBIOTECH 1951 NW 7th AVE Suite 160 Miami Florida 33136

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