DNA bird gender determination is the best method and safest choice for avian breeders and veterinarians. In fact, this laboratory DNA test will let you know the gender of your bird, regardless of its age. The test can be performed from blood, feathers and/or eggshell samples from birds found on our list of species.  

Either blood, feathers or eggshell samples are equally reliable for gender testing and iQBirdTesting accepts these different sample collection methods, so you have several alternatives from which to choose. However, as with any genetic test, the quality of the sample submitted for testing is critical and it will affect the final results. For example, blood samples carry a greater quantity of viable DNA and therefore we encourage our clients to send us that form of a sample. Feathers -if not properly plucked- or eggshells without any blood, usually carry very little or none viable DNA. Hence, results might take longer to appear in your customer area.

To avoid any delays in your bird’s results please follow all instructions carefully. Click here to Sample collection site for instructions about blood, feathers and eggshell collection. For information about sample collection for bird disease testing click here.

Feel free to contact us if you require assistance, we are here to help!

***Please notice that our website only holds birds information and results for 6 months only.

We strongly recommend to download and save all results as soon as you receive them***

iQBirdTesting laboratory guarantees:


  • Quick registration. No need for sample collection kits/cards
  • Online customer area with information of your birds and 6-month order history
  • Email notifications with samples status and results
  • Fast and safe. Results will be ready within 2-4 working days after we receive the samples.
  • Best price: $11.99 blood sample
  • Certificate available online for each DNA gender test performed


dna bird gender

Example of some DNA gender determination laboratory results. iQBirdTesting.