Sample collection is the most important task of bird owners when sending the samples in for testing.

An incorrect collection of the samples may cause delays in your bird’s results or even affect the outcome due to sampling DNA cross-contamination.

Video How to collect Blood and Feather samples: Blood or Feather Samples

Video How to collect Eggshell Samples: Eggshell Samples

For all sample collection:

  1. Read the instructions on How to place the order online
  2. Place online order and print our sample forms
  3. Clean and disinfect instruments and wash hands before, during and after sample collection.
  4. Make sure to have the correct sample form near the birds’ area. Make sure the BIRD ID matches with the one you are testing.
  5. When taking a blood sample, you only need 1-2 drops of blood. No need to fill out the whole circle.
  6. When plucking feathers, you may either put the on a Ziploc bag or tape them to the sample form. Make sure to never touch/tape the tip of the feather.
  7. You can send several samples in one envelope.


When testing bird diseases, the quality of the submitted sample will most likely affect the final result. Therefore we encourage our clients to carefully read the following instructions to learn what types of samples we accept for disease testing and how to collect them.

As with the DNA Gender determination test, an improper collection of the samples may cause delays in your bird’s results or affect the accuracy of the outcome.

iQ Bird Testing recommendations for disease sample collection

We recommend that you mail us:

  • Blood card or Sample form with blood from a toenail or,
  • Whole blood sample in a vial with the anticoagulant EDTA, usually draw by a veterinarian*.

*Always refer to your veterinarian for a complete diagnosis of your birds.

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