Lavender Gene In Chickens

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Lavender Gene in Chickens

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ILavender (LAV*L) is an autosomal recessive mutation of the chicken (Gallus gallus) affecting the neural crest derived melanocyte. It causes the dilution of both eumelanin and phaeomelanin to a light grey or buff, respectively. Our PCR-RFLP test will indicate if the lavender gene is present in a chicken. Thus, the possible results are:

LAV*N/LAV*N (Normal/Normal, non-lavender carrier)
LAV*N/LAV*L (Normal/Lavender, heterozygous carrier)
LAV*L/ LAV*L (Lavender/Lavender)

Blood, Feathers or Eggshell samples are acceptable.
Pricing - Blood - $35, Eggshell or Feathers - $40

Time: 2-4 days

Collecting Samples
Blood Or Feathers Sample
Egg Shell Sample

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