Ultimate Prevention Pack: DNA Sexing, Psittacosis, PBFD, Polyomavirus.




Turnaround time: 2-4 working days after the laboratory receives the sample. Customer will receive an email once the samples arrive at the laboratory.

Type of sample: Blood sample (card or tube) and a cloacal swab.

Results: All results are available at the customer’s account at www.iqbirdtesting.com/my-account

Pathogens that most often affect parrots can be detected with a blood sample. Our ultimate prevention pack not only protects the pet’s health but also the health of its breeder and family because of the potential danger of bird to human transmission of psittacosis infections. Some species of birds can be carriers of both pathogens without showing visible clinical symptoms.

It is advisable to test all newly acquired birds and repeat at least once a year.

It is also recommended for birds that have returned from events such as exhibitions or fairs.

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