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Bird dna sexing with blood

Environmental Avian Testing

$59 per area


Environmental Avian testing is done to determine if the area where you have your birds is infected with diseases.

Even if your birds are not showing symptoms, you need to ensure that your birds are healthy and that the area is clean of diseases.

Our test will determine the various diseases that appear in the areas that you chose to test.

The problem is especially worrisome in residential areas, as many are airborne and can be transferred to humans by being around droppings.

Collecting for testing:
You need to collect samples from the different areas where you have the birds.

For each sample, you would need to swab each area, drop the swab in a test tube or zip lock bag, label it well, and mail it to us.

Please indicate in each tube the location this swab was used. The environmental test will determine diseases in those areas.

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Bird dna sexing with blood

Bacteriological Avian Culture Test + Megabacteria

$80 per specimen

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bird dna sexing with feathers

Avian Coccidiosis Parasite Test

 $75 per specimen

Ova and Parasites for Avian Coccidiosis Test
Coccidiosis is a hepatic or enteric disease caused by protozoan parasites of the subclass Coccidia, genus Eimeria.

Signs of coccidiosis range from decreased growth rate to a high percentage of visibly sick birds, severe diarrhea, and high mortality.

Feed and water consumption are depressed. Weight loss, development of culls, decreased egg production, and increased mortality may accompany outbreaks.

** Please collect samples via the swab supplied. **

In general, it is better to submit the stool sample as is. The stool sample should be examined for any physical signs of diarrhea, discoloration, or blood. That portion of the stool should be placed into a small collection vial that IQ Birdtesting will supply.

In theory, the more significant the portion of the stool sample, the more likely a parasite can be found. Both culture and a parasitological exam can be performed from the direct stool.

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bird dna sexing with feathers

Blue Egg Gene

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bird dna sexing with egg shells

Cryptosporidium Parasite Test


$75 per Specimen

Cryptosporidium is a microscopic parasite that causes the diarrheal disease cryptosporidiosis. Both the parasite and the disease are commonly known as “Crypto.”

There are many species of Cryptosporidium that infect animals, some of which also infect humans.

The parasite is protected by an outer shell that allows it to survive outside the body for long periods of time and makes it very tolerant to chlorine disinfection.

While this parasite can be spread in several different ways, water (drinking water and recreational water) is the most common way to spread the parasite.

** Please collect samples via the swab supplied. **
IQ Birdtesting diagnosis of cryptosporidiosis is made by examination of stool samples which are examined microscopically using an acid-fast staining technique.


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bird dna sexing with egg shells

Recessive White Gene (c) in Chickens

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