List of species

We test all the most common species: Sun Conures, African Greys, Macaws, Cockatoos, Green Cheek, Silkie Chickens, etc.
These are the complete list of bird species we currently sex. If you can’t find yours, please call or email us at

Our list has scientific names. If you don’t know your bird scientific name just Google the common name and the scientific name will be on the first page

collection of samples

DNA Bird Gender Determination (Sexing) can be performed with

  • Blood samples
  • Feather samples
  • Eggshell samples

Follow the steps to collect the samples

How to place an order

All samples must be register in a order before sending them to our laboratory.
Please read and follow instructions carefully since final results might be compromised if the order is not correctly placed and samples are not properly collected.

UPDATE: We are working limited hours to reduce risk and exposure during the COVID pandemic.

Our laboratory is still open but we will not be able to notify clients about sample reception. We are sorry about this. We are working on each envelope received on a first come first serve basis. If you sent out your envelope please patiently wait until results are available in your account.

Results will take longer than our usual 2-4 working day turnaround time. If you need to cancel your order please send us an email. Otherwise, we ask you to wait until your results are available. Our team is doing the best they can to deliver results as fast as the situation permits.

Thank you for your understanding, please be safe and have a great day.

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