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Complete Bird Testing Services

Finding the best laboratory for your avian testing needs is an important choice.

IQ Bird Testing specializes in everything you need for your birds.

At IQ Bird Testing, we know that the health and well-being of your birds is of utmost importance.  If there is a chance of disease in your birds, rapid testing is critical to avoid the spread of the disease to your other birds.

We will put your mind at ease as our team goes the extra mile to give you and your bird a 5-star experience with quick turnaround once we receive your samples and offering you the best prices in the industry.

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Complete Avian Testing Services

Specializing in Molecular Biology and Veterinary Analysis, our laboratory offers
the best service in Avian DNA Gender Testing.

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Gender (Sex) Testing

Gender (Sex) testing can be done using blood, feathers or egg shell samples.

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Disease Testing

We can test for a wide range of avian diseases using blood samples obtained either from your veterinarian or from blood drops on your sample form.

Keeping Your Birds Healthy
 Special Offer

A Sick Bird Can Be Highly Contagious
And Die Within A Few Days

This is a 3 Disease Test Package for only $39

It includes testing for:
  • Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD)
  • Avian Polyomavirus (APV)
  • Psittacosis (MOMP)

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Bacterial Avian Culture Test
 + Megabacteria Test

It has been suggested that there are over 60 other diseases that birds and their droppings can carry.

Bacterial diseases are common in pet birds and should be taken very seriously.

Learn More About Bacterial &
Megabacteria Tests

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Farm birds

On time, 100% accuracy and affordable!

Matthew P.

Been doing business with them for years! Absolutely zero complaints! They get the job done and customer service is on point!

Blue Slate Turkey

Nothing Short of Amazing...

Michelle K.

I wish every company would handle customer relations like you guys do - you've made me a lifelong customer. Thank you! 

I Switched From Another Company

Suzy C. 

To IQ Bird Testing and never looked back.   IQ is not only cheaper, but results come in much faster.  Great company!! Would recommend it to anyone

Sample Collecting Instructional Videos
Blood sample:  Please be cautious when collecting  your sample: Always clean the nail clippers between each sample collection. Do not touch the circle on the submission form or card.

All samples: Please place the samples in individual zip lock bags to avoid cross contamination. You can then mail them all together in one envelope.
Collaborator & expert advice by Tony Silva.  Silva is an American aviculturist and ornithologist, and the author of books and articles about parrots. From 1989 to 1992, he was curator of birds at Loro Parque, the largest parrot park in the world. He is a world-renowned expert and outspoken protector of exotic birds.

Preparing Your Sample Forms

Watch this video to learn exactly how to prepare your feather samples for analysis.



Step By Step Instructions To Prepare A Blood Sample For Avian Disease Testing

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Preparing Your Sample Forms

Watch this video to learn exactly how to prepare your egg shell samples for analysis.


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How To Collect Samples

Sample collection is the most important task of bird owners,
when sending the samples in for testing.
An incorrect collection of samples may cause delays in your bird’s results or even affect the outcome due to sampling DNA cross-contamination.
For All Sample Collection:
  • Read the instructions on How to place the order online after you choose the start a new online order button below.
  • Place online order and print our sample forms
  • Clean and disinfect instruments and wash hands before, during and after sample collection.
  • Make sure to have the correct sample form near the birds’ area. Make sure the BIRD ID matches with the one you are testing.
  • When taking a blood sample, you only need 1-2 drops of blood. No need to fill out the whole circle.
  • When plucking feathers, you may either put the on a Ziploc bag or tape them to the sample form. Make sure to never touch/tape the tip of the feather.
  • You can send several samples in one envelope
To Download The Sample Card Or the Sample Form, Click On The Image

Request Sample Cards

For disease testing you must supply a blood sample.
For Gender testing, you can supply feather, egg shell, or a blood sample.

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Checking Your Order Status

New Report Status Updates And What They Mean

To save you time, we recommend for you to view your order status and always read our emails. We always send emails whenever we have a status update. Please check your spam and make sure you are receiving our emails.
  • Paid Waiting for Samples -Your order is paid and we are waiting to receive your samples.
  • Samples Received Paid -We received your samples and your order is paid so just wait for your results.
  • Samples Received Pending Payment -We have your samples, but we are waiting for your payment.
  • Waiting for Samples Pending Payment -We are waiting for your samples and your payment. If no action is taken, your order will be automatically deleted after 60 days.
  • On Hold -Your order has a pending payment situation with Paypal. Please contact customer Service. 
  • Completed Partial -Some of your samples are ready to view results. The lab is still working on your other samples.
  • Completed -Your full order is ready and you can access your results.


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