*** Please READ all the instructions before placing your order ***

Due to COVID19 pandemic and quarantine:

  1. Results will take longer than our usual 2-4 business days. We do not have expedited processing available. 
  2. We are not shipping out collection cards; you need to print them out or collect the samples in white clean paper with all the bird’s information
  3. Please note:
    1. If you paid through PayPal the order will remain as “Processing”. You will receive an email confirmation on the date that we receive the samples
    2. If you select payment with money order or check, the order will remain “On Hold” until we receive the samples and the payment. You will also receive an email confirmation once we receive the samples


  1. Select the DNA test you want to perform on your birds from the list of products below
  2. Select the number of tests you need and click “ADD TO CART”
  3. Verify your order on the “CART” and then “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”
  4. Fill out your information and the bird’s information. Make sure to write all the correct bird species and bird’s IDs.
  5. Select Payment Method: Credit/Debit Card through PayPal or sending a Check/Money Order when sending the samples in (All checks are payables to IQGENETICS).
  6.  Place the order and WAIT for the following web page. That page will have a button to click for your printable Sample Form with all the bird(s) information. Please PRINT out to collect the samples
  7. Collect blood or feather samples as indicated here: Bird DNA Sample Collection. Please follow instructions carefully since the final results might be compromised if samples are not properly collected. In addition, if you missed the page after placing the order, a blank sample form can be found clicking here: SAMPLE FORM_PRINTABLE  if you use a blank sample form just put the name/ID of the bird and the ORDER number.
  8. Send your samples to IQGENETICS 1951 NW 7th AVE Suite 160-316 Miami, Florida, 33136
DNA sexing Service Agreement (English & Spanish
Test  Price per bird
DNA Gender blood or dried eggshell specimen  $        11.99
DNA Gender Feather specimen  $        13.99
Psittacine Beak and feathers disease (PBFD)(PCR)  $        20.00
Psittacosis Disease (Chlamydiosis) (Psitta)  $        20.00
Avian Polyomavirus (APV) (PCR)  $        20.00
Pacheco’s disease virus (PDV) (PCR)  $        20.00
Bordetella Avium (PCR)  $        20.00
Avian Bornavirus PDD (Proventicular Disease) (PCR)  $        20.00
West Nile Virus (WNV)  $        20.00
Pick any two from: Sexing, PBFD, Polyomavirus,Psittacosis, Pachecos.  $        30.50
Prevention Pack: PBFD, Psittacosis and Sexing  $        44.00
Pick any three from: Sexing,PBFD, Psittacosis,Pachecos  $        55.00
Ultimate prevention Pack: Sexing, PBFD, Psittacosis, Polyomavirus  $        65.00
2018 Healthy Baby Complete Pack: Sexing,Polyomavirus,Beak and feather,Psittacosis,Pacheco’s  $        75.50