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Test  Price per bird
DNA bird sexing with blood sample or dry eggshell  $        11.99
DNA bird sexing with feathers sample  $        13.99
Psittacosis test  $        20.00
PBFD Test  $        20.00
Polyomavirus Test  $        20.00
Bordetellosis-Bordetella Avium  $        20.00
Psittacine Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD)  $        20.00
Pacheco's Disease (PDV)  $        20.00



Promotional packages.  Price
Any two products  $        30.50
Any three diseases (no sexing)  $        44.00
Any three testing (can include sexing)  $        50.00
Any four testing (can include sexing)  $        65.00
Any five testing (can include sexing)  $        75.50
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